John Chalmers's favorite Links


  • Cris Forster

  • John Starrett's Microtonal Music webpage

  • John Loffink's Microtonal Synthesis list of links

  • North American Embassy of Anaphoria Island, the magical musical world of Kraig Grady

  • The Wilson Archive, important theoretical writings by Erv Wilson

  • Johnny Reinhard's AFMM, the American Festival of Microtonal Music

  • Some Just Intonation Math by Mark Nowitzky

  • Sonic Arts Center for Microtonal and Just-Intonation Music in Southern California

  • Xenharmonikôn, an informal journal of Experimental Music

  • Corporeal Meadows, Jonathan Szanto's Harry Partch website

  • Yamaha's application for 19-equal keyboard patent

  • Didier Aschour's microMégas Ezine

  • Carl Lumma's website

  • Yo Kubota's Strange Music Archives

  • Native Instruments software synthesis

  • The Centre for Microtonal Music in London

  • Computer Music Journal

  • Patrick Ozzard-Low's book 21st Century Orchestral Instruments

  • The Just-Intonation Network

  • Symbolic Sound Corporation computer-based digital audio

  • Ernesto Solís Winkler's Julián Carrillo website

  • Aloe's Comparison of Tuning Systems chart

  • Zoomoozophone Primer by Dean Drummond

  • The Just Intonation System of Nicola Vicentino by Bill Alves (reprinted from 1/1

  • Perfect Sound Forever's Ivor Darreg webpage

  • The Harry Partch Enclosures series from American Composers Forum

  • Stichting Huygens-Fokker centre of microtonal music

  • Bill Sethares's website

  • Equal temperaments as mathematical series by John S. Allen

  • Mills College anonymous FTP directories on Tuning

  • Paul Shin-Hong Hahn's website

  • The Bohlen-Pierce Site Web place of an alternative harmonic scale

  • Design for microtonal hexagon keyboard by Erv Wilson

  • The Batish Institute's Sitar Lesson # 5, on adjusting frets

  • Indonesian music

  • Microtonal music theory by Kami Rousseau

  • John Pusey's home page

  • LucyTuning - microtonal system from pi and the writings of John "Longitude" Harrison

  • MicroZone Generalized Keyboard designed by Erv Wilson

  • FlexiFrets from Bear Meadow

  • Bill Alves's website

  • More JI Composers and Theorists (from Just Intonation Center's website)

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