Sonic Arts Institute

Come join us in the journey of exploration
as we discover new worlds of sound
and learn about alternative tunings

    What it is:

  • point of contact for those seeking recordings, information, instruments, lessons, software and other resources concerned with microtonal music

  • meeting place for those involved with microtonal music

  • a place for dedicated microtonalists to do individual projects and to collaborate with others

  • research and development center for microtonal music, instruments and other resources

  • respository for microtonal instruments, scores, recordings and literature

  • host for occasional microtonal concerts and other events
  • What we have available:

  • historic instrument collection

  • historic document collection

  • archive of microtonal recordings

  • web page

  • resident artists, theorists, developers and educators

  • workshop for building and modifying instruments

  • music recording facilities

  • document publishing facilities

  • Providing services for microtonal musicians:

  • Private Lessons

  • Classes

  • Lectures

  • Performances

  • Recording

  • CD mastering

  • Microtonal MIDI sequencing

  • Score and book publishing

  • Microtonal musical instrument design and construction

  • Facilitators

  • Jonathan Glasier

  • Denny Genovese

  • Joe Monzo
  • Advisors

  • Dave Hill

  • John Chalmers

  • Brian McLaren

  • Bill Wesley

  • Brink McGoogy

updated: 2002 October 2, 1998 December 1

Address: 2961 Beech Street, San Diego, CA (in the Golden Hill neighborhood)

Mailing address: PO Box 620027, San Diego, CA 92102

Telephone: 619 231 3673


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