Microtonal, just intonation, electronic music software Microtonal, just intonation, electronic music software
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We're here to serve you regarding installation, activation, licensing, billing and your online account at Tonalsoft® (via e-mail and telephone). Please send all other product-help questions only via e-mail

Microtonal, new age, alternative music scene
the microbeat
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At The Microbeat, we're always looking for your input. Contact The Microbeat with any news that you'd like to report. Additionally, we accept microtonal musical pieces in MP3 format and updates and corrections to our articles.

Encyclopedia of microtonal, just intonation music theory
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The Tonalsoft® Encyclopedia of Microtonal Music Theory is a group effort and is accepting informative contributions, corrections, and additions from you. Your contribution will be ackowledged in the Encyclopedia.

inTune journal of microtonal music theory
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inTune is your source for the latest on microtonal and just intonation music theory. You can contact us right here with questions, clarifications, and requests for future news articles. Do you have an article to publish? -- don't hestiate to contact us.

The Pitch Bend, Electronic Music Software Technology
the pitch bend
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The Pitch Bend is your news column for getting the technology scoop on electronic music software, MIDI, and how to program microtonal and just intonation music. Contact us with questions and requests for new articles.

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Tonalsoft® is a privately held corporation and is consequently not listed on any of the global securities exchanges. Use this contact information for making all inquiries about investment opportunities.

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