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2005-02-03 at 00:00

Music Composition Software

Welcome to Tonalsoft. We're back with a brand new web site, but our mission is the same: to provide high quality music composition software to make microtonal and just intonation music intuitive, practical, and fun. You can read more about our mission to develop electronic music software on our mission-statement page. If you have ever visited our web site, you'll notice a drastic improvement compared with your prior visits. Now that our software development team is nearing its first music-composition-software release, it's time for us to put on a new veneer so we can explain what we're all about.

First and foremost, we've dedicated our team to making Tonescape, our flagship music composition software application, the leading product for microtonal and just intonation music. We will regularly update this web page with information and articles about Tonescape's features and the product-release plans. Don't worry if you've missed one our articles. You can visit the Tonalsoft Update Archive at any time to read any previously published article.

We do more than create music composition software. Many of you may have already perused the Encyclopedia of Microtonal Music Theory, which was previously known as either the Dictionary of Tuning or the Encyclopedia of Tuning. Although the encyclopedia hasn't yet changed, we are in the process of upgrading it to match the rest of the web site. Additionally, we hope that you check out our new page called The Microbeat, which reports the microtonal alternative music news. This page is a sort of a cross between a blog, a gossip column, and an e-magazine. We're really excited that Jonathan Glasier (yes the publisher of Interval) has agreed to assume this challenge.

For now, take a look around our new site. Although it's better than ever, it's still a work in progress and there's much more to add. We'll be using this page to regularly provide information on our music composition software releases and the newest additions to the site. Hence, it may be useful to bookmark this page for future reference.