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2005-02-03 at 12:00

Tonescape, Music Composition Software

Tonalsoft announces that it will formally release Tonescape, its flagship music composition software application, to registered Alpha users on February 7, 2005. This release is the first pre-release version of Tonalsoft's music composition software that will be available outside of the development team.

Tonescape is a music composition software product that supports just intonation and microtonal music in a completely integrated manner. At the front end, Tonescape integrates math and music by providing advanced tools that enable the novice and tuning theorist alike to visually create thousands of musical scales in an intuitive manner. You don't need to be a mathematician to use advanced mathematics when creating a musical tuning in Tonescape. The Tonescape computer music software application then provides direct integration between its own musical tunings and Tonescape Composer, which provides a set of visual composition tools including 3-dimensional navigable lattices.

We will be releasing additional product information about Tonalsoft Tonescape in a series of articles in this news column. If you require more information about our computer music software application, check this news column out on a weekly basis.