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2005-08-16 at 12:00

Music Downloads

Just released! Tonalsoft is now providing microtonal music downloads for all visitors. No login required. No username required. Our mission is to provide a home for those that want to listen to, compose, and produce alternative music. Our focus is on microtonal music and just intonation. See the free music downloads page.

Tonalsoft's founders have long been obsessed with making the composition and recording of just intonation and microtonal music a practical endeavor. Traditionally, microtonal and just intonation music have been impractical to pursue for a variety of reasons including a deficiency in musical notation, difficulties finding appropriately skilled instrumentalists, and in building microtonal musical instruments. Our mission is to make the end-to-end production of microtonal music inexpensive, efficient, practical and fun through the use of electronic music software. We are aggressively pursuing this goal through the introduction of Tonalsoft's flagship electronic music software product, Tonescape.