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Gipsy [Gypsy] Scale

[John Chalmers, Divisions of the Tetrachord]

A scale consisting of a whole-tone and two neo-chromatic tetrachords, i.e., B C# D E# F# G A# b (Dallin, 1974, p. 41.). This scale is sometimes called the Hungarian Minor.

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[Jan Haluska, private communication with Joe Monzo]

Gypsy scales = ... Hungarian scales. [???] A mystification.

Gypsy diatonic scales are identical with Helmholtz scales (both - major and minor), see the Mills [tuning list] archive. Concerning the Hungarian scale - it has its own and very interesting identity, but it is - PENTATONIC, so not diatonic. Theoretically, it can be viewed as a mode of gypsy scale structure, but to assert that is a grubby cultural nonsense.

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