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Encyclopedia of Microtonal Music Theory

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(Stud = English, a card game; Loco = Spanish, "crazy")

[Joe Monzo]

A 41-tone scale derived from an optimal generator called miracle. The "standard" version of StudLoco gives it as a subset of 72-edo, but it also may be tuned as 41-edo.

For its relatively small size, this scale approximates an enormous number of 3-, 5-, 7-, and 11-limit just-intonation harmonic structures.

In keeping with the names of its smaller relatives, the blackjack and canasta scales, it was dubbed "StudLoco" after a Mexican variant of the popular card game Stud Poker, which uses a 41-card deck.

Below are graphs of the cents-values of the pitches in a typical StudLoco chain, illustrated on the left as a scale and on the right as a chain of generators from -20 to +20 secors.

Below are the same graphs, but this time with the x-axis quantized into 41-edo instead of 12-edo, which shows how closely 41-edo approximates the 72-edo version of StudLoco. (There are 4 degrees of 41-edo in a secor.)

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